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Understanding your Ford Bronco oil type is imperative for maintaining your vehicle as referenced by the owner’s manual. The Ford Bronco oil change is one of the most important service tasks you’ll receive for your vehicle. Even if you let the professionals handle it, you should still be aware of the correct Ford Bronco oil type. In addition, understanding the Ford Bronco oil filter is equally as important. Without all of the appropriate components, it does your vehicle no good to install new oil. 

Find out more with our guide to the correct Ford Bronco oil type. We’ll discuss the Ford Bronco’s oil change interval as well as the Ford Bronco oil filter you’ll need.

What is the Correct Ford Bronco Oil Type?

The manufacturer and our staff highly recommend full synthetic motor oil as the right Ford Bronco oil type. Full synthetic oil lasts longer and keeps your engine cleaner, helping you avoid corrosion and other buildup. The recommended grade for your Ford Bronco oil type is SAE 5W-30 full synthetic, rated for temperatures as low as -20 degrees Fahrenheit. This oil also performs well under increased temperatures, so it’s appropriate for hot or cold weather. 

What Brand Should I Buy for the Right Ford Bronco Oil Type?

Motorcraft is the OEM parts brand for this automaker. Every Motorcraft part, including the motor oil and the Ford Bronco oil filter, is specially designed for your exact model year and engine type. It’s always important to purchase all of your parts and accessories based on what’s listed in your owner’s manual. 

You can also check your owner’s manual to see the exact Ford Bronco oil type recommended for your SUV. Putting the correct oil in the engine is vital to getting optimal usage out of every Brooksville trip you make, regardless of where the road takes you. 

Ford Bronco Oil Type: Synthetic vs. Conventional

Should you use synthetic or conventional oil? What’s the primary difference? As we stated earlier, the manufacturer highly recommends full synthetic oil because it lasts longer. You’ll find that most dealerships and service centers utilize full synthetic oil more than conventional oil, especially for most new models. 

Synthetic oil offers a customized formulation, cleansers, anti-oxidizers, and stabilizers to make it cleaner for longer periods of time versus conventional oil. It also lasts longer and helps your engine stay cleaner because of the synthetic formulations. 

Ford Bronco Oil Change Intervals

How long should you go between Ford Bronco oil changes? The manufacturer recommends a Ford Bronco oil change every 10,000 miles with full synthetic motor oil. Let’s say you need a conventional oil change every 5,000 miles but a fully synthetic oil change every 10,000 miles. For every two conventional oil changes, you’re only paying for one synthetic, ultimately saving you money over a longer period. 

For DIY Ford Bronco oil changes in Spring Hill, make sure you purchase an OEM Ford Bronco oil filter for the best results. Our parts department can assist you in ordering all of the appropriate oil change accessories. 

Ready for Your Next Ford Bronco Oil Change in Spring Hill?

Don’t have time for a DIY Ford Bronco oil change? Scheduling service with one of our experts is easy. Use our online portal and select a date and time that’s most convenient for you. 

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